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September 25, 2018, 1:39 pm
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Skin Care Products - Skin care cosmetics with special protection effects against skin burn and aging.   Skin Care Products (5)

Protect S1 For Athletes
Protect S1 For Athletes

Protect X2
Protect X2

Protect X1
Protect X1
Protect X1 - Protect X1
Protect X2 - The skin protection cream Protect X2 has protection effect on three types of skin troubles, same with Protect X1.
Rough dry skin (especially rough hand) 
Penetration of dirt and smell into skin. 
Skin scratch with friction. Protect X2
Protect S1 For Athletes - The skin protection cream Protect S1 For Athletes
Protect UV+ - With the global warming effect, skin troubles with UV rays are increasing. We expect the demand for Protect UV+ will also be increasing.

Since July 2011, the forth skin trouble of Burn and aging due to UV is added in the effect.
When actively participate in a sporting event outside involving scratches and exposure under sun, Protect UV+
PROTECT FUJIYAMA - If applied before wet work, dirty work and sports etc, a protective membrane is formed on the skin to powerfully protect it against 3 types of skin troubles!

This is a FUJISAN design of the powerful skin protection cream used in hospitals, beauty saloons, factories and the self defense forces etc. PROTECT FUJIYAMA
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Earth-Blue Inc

Contact Information for Earth-Blue Inc

Company Name: Earth-Blue Inc
Country: Japan
State: Tokyo
City: Hamura-shi
Address: 1-17-11 Hanenishi
ZIP / Postal Code: 205-0017
Contact Person: Tetsuo Kawajiri
Phone: +81-42-554-7783
Fax: +81-42-579-0219
Mobile Phone:
E-mail: Send Message
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