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September 21, 2018, 10:07 pm
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Product Category
Noboru-Kun LS Series - These are our standard lifters that have been designed for specific weights. They can easily fit into any work area.   Noboru-Kun LS Series (1)
Work Deck - Thorough safety. Easily loaded onto trucks and dump trucks over 3 tons   Work Deck (1)
Special Order Products - We design and manufacture to fit the customers specific requirement. Feel free to discuss with us your needs.   Special Order Products (1)

Order made work platforms
Order made work platforms

Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters)
Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters)

Work Deck
Work Deck
Order made work platforms - In adition to our standard products, we design and manufacture work decks to meet the customers demands in terms of capacity, size, use environment etc.
Feel free to discuss any requirements with us. We surely can provide you with a suitable solution. Order made work platforms
Work Deck - Multi-purpose work platforms mounted on trucks for various high height works. Easily loaded unto trucks and dump trucks over 3 tons. Work Deck
Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters) - The aerial work platform Noboru-kun LS-Series (Lifters)
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SIP Co., Ltd

Contact Information for SIP Co., Ltd

Company Name: SIP Co., Ltd
Country: Japan
State: Niigata
City: Niigata
Address: 2-498-3 Kamedaotsuki, Konak-ku
ZIP / Postal Code: 950-0162
Contact Person: Suzuki
Phone: +81-25-385-8101
Fax: +81-25-385-8102
Mobile Phone:
E-mail: Send Message
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